NPL applications

The City of Yarra released a memo to all Football clubs in Yarra regarding the NPL. This has important implications for ALL clubs in the City of Yarra.

Council’s Sports Strategy places priority for the provision of facilities and access to grounds towards grass roots, community based sports over elite professional sports activities. As such, Council currently has no policy position regarding the NPL elite structure and as such has not determined if it wishes to support the new league. It is anticipated that Council will consider a report on the NPL in February 2014.

Some factors it will be considering include:

  • The proposed fees may make it cost prohibitive for members of the Yarra community. (Yarra currently preferences local community based clubs providing choice and access to local residents)
  • Council has currently no football facilities or forward plans to meet some of the proposed required standards for elite football
  • It is unclear how the NPL may affect other clubs and if this can be resourced by non NPL based Yarra clubs