Specialised Monday Training Programs‏ with CCFC!

Small group training:

The option of small group training is ideal for players who need to work on a specific area that is difficult to focus on during a team training session. As players progress their game it can be useful to work on certain technical aspects to help them develop more rapidly. 

  • players develop and mature at different stages and these sessions help work on confidence development
  • players who have natural ability or may have started soccer at an older age- these sessions will hasten development 
  • experienced players may have a specific area they would like to improve or work on
  • some players are driven to progress but may lack natural ability and need extra training to reach their peak
  • basic training to help any player develop themselves to the next level

Keys areas that can be focussed on:

  • All game associated practices
  • First touch
  • Passing Techniques
  • Ball striking techniques
  • Dribbling
  • Ball control and mastery

All programs are designed with the players requirements in mind.

Term One runs for 5 sessions. (Term 2 and 3 are 8 sessions)
Kevin bartlett Reserve, Fletcher oval, FR Smith Drive, Burnely

  • Girls 5.45-6.30 Cost: $75 for term 1
  • Boys 6.30-7.30 Cost $100 for term 1


  • 15th, 24th February
  • 7th, 14th, 21st March


Player Performance Program:

Players can attend our player performance program in addition to our standard training sessions. The program is aimed at technically proficient players, who are wishing to reach the highest level of football. 

It will offer these players a development pathway with training programs run by coaches with extensive experience to prepare and develop technical, confident and creative footballers that can then trial for elite level programs if they chose.

These will be run by Harry Bingham and Rick Wilson our Director of coaching and other experienced club coaches.

Harry is a Victorian High Performance Football Coach and Professional Player Consultant. Harry is a former Head Coach with the N.T.C. and V.I.S. football programs where many young Australian youth Internationals and Current A league players began their career development.

Harry has experience at every level of football from juniors to International World Cup qualification and has completed all the AFC licenses (A, B and C) including the pro A license. He is also Coever accredited instructor..
The player performance program will also prepare them to be assessed by West Ham coaching staff identifying players for the West Ham National camp in QLD

CCFC player performance program Monday nights (runs over 24 weeks in term 1, 2 and 3)
Time: 6.15-7.30
Cost is $650 for the full program
Venue: Kevin Bartlett Reserve, FR Smith Drive, Burnley
Start: Monday 15th February

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