Happy 40th to CCFC!

We were delighted with the turnout this past Friday as the founders of the club came out to cheer on the newest members. We hope that they Old Boys will be in attendance this coming season for a planned reunion round every season.

Our Seniors and Reserves had hoped to get a chance to sing the club song with the veterans, but sadly that would not be the case that evening against South Yarra SC.

The Reserves would find themselves down 0-3 at the half before the ever present goal scoring Javier Ureta would grab one back for us, ending the game with a 1-3 scoreline.

The Seniors would count themselves unlucky as they started off up 1-0 from a John Carroll goal, before an uncontested run from a Yarra player tied up the scores. A penalty would be awarded against us after keeper Felipe Mercado won the ball. Yarra converted and despite several more shots from the City side, the score stood at 1-2.

The Golds were informed Friday that Parkmore SC would forfeit the match, but secured promotion in them doing so, finishing in second. It was a stellar season with Dean Leigh taking out the Golden Boot for the division with 40 goals! Looking forward to seeing you in the 5th division next year!

The Silvers were at home to Hampton Park in a clash for second place at stake, but would sadly lose out on a crucial three points in a 4-5 defeat. Goals from Lewis Gyde and a hat trick from Javier Ureta. The season ended with the Silvers taking the second highest goal differential tally (43) and Coach Lewis Gyde netting 21. A big thanks to so many of the side who made spots off the bench for the Seniors and Reserves this year as our numbers thinned out from injury, and STILL managed a Sunday start.

Our last Seniors and Reserves match will take place this weekend against Dingley Stars on Saturday.